Practice Areas

Why should a client hire The Law Office of Timothy J. Deffet
 for their legal needs instead of another firm?

Answer: I provide prompt, personal, professional service.  

At The Law Office of Timothy J. Deffet prompt, personal, professional service is the cornerstone.  At some law firms, clients are lost in the shuffle of a big office and are handed off to one legal assistant, paralegal or secretary virtually half the time they have any contact with the firm.  Some of these firms may provide you the service you deserve and obtain a favorable result.

However, this will not happen in my office.  I personally handle every case myself.  Period.

What cases do I handle?

Trucking Accidents/Car Accidents/Slip and Falls/Work Accidents/Medical Malpractice

I handle plaintiff’s personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.  This list includes trucking accidents, car accidents, slip and falls, and medical malpractice cases.  This list also includes injuries that happen at work, which encompass car accidents that may happen on company time, back injuries and carpal tunnel conditions.

Criminal/DUI/Traffic cases

This firm defends criminal cases, such as DUIs.  If you have had your license revoked or suspended, I will help you to get it reinstated or attempt to get you a driving permit.  I also will defend you in traffic court.

Illinois Secretary of State Administrative hearings

I will represent you in front of the Secretary of State and attempt to get your license reinstated or to help you obtain a restricted driving permit.

Credit card collection defense

I have successfully defended numerous cases against credit card companies and the bottom feeder collection companies they hire to harass hard working people who are unable to pay their bills in this economy. In addition, if I can establish an affirmative case for violation of local or federal statutes involving collection of these debts I will pursue them to the fullest extent the law allows.